Due to software/design resources and minimum order quantities for printing etc., the current user manual/QSG is based on how the software *will* be, not it's current state and therefore the customer registration screen is not yet implemented. It will be coming in a future release of AutoMaker, so there is no need to worry about completing it now, you will just be asked to complete once you receive the software update. The presence of the registration screen is not indicative of a successful software/driver install.

If you can see the printer status in AutoMaker, i.e. the printer appears when connected, there is not an issue with your installation. If you are unable to see Robox in AutoMaker, please see more information here:

If you're still having problems, please raise a support ticket to speak to one of our technical support engineers:

To allow us to handle your request as quickly and efficiently as possible, please try and complete all fields where applicable.