This is a new brand new feature of AutoMaker that tries to ensure nothing will interrupt the print process - it can currently help reduce the risk of print failure due to:

  • A tangled filament reel
  • An out-of-tolerance section of filament which is unable to reach the printhead
  • An obstruction in the printhead/Bowden tube.
  • Running out of filament

In future updates of AutoMaker we will be continuing to add more functionality and self-diagnosis for other possible faults, including:
  • Power outage (only for very short periods, as the print will detach from the bed if it is allowed to cool completely)
  • Reduced flow rate due to nozzle / melt chamber contamination
  • Extruder torque issues
  • Needle valve faults
  • Automatic levelling issues
  • Head connectivity issues
  • Skipped steps during the print
  • Temperature control / heating issues
  • SmartReel connectivity and I/O issues
  • Material loading/unloading issues